Thor's Hammer Toolbox: The Return

The release of the new Thor: Love and Thunder inspires DIY enthusiasts of all stripes.

Mjolnir, Thor's famous hammer, continues to inspire the craziest gadgets. Remember the tea filter, or more recently the Xbox, and even still in 2017 a rather ingenious toolbox whose handle extended into a real hammer.

Toolbox Thor's Hammer, 9 kg empty

Inspired by this latest nifty but rather cheap gadget, handyman Jonathan of YouTube channel Shadow Foam decided a few years later to make a "serious" version of it. The video below describes the manufacturing process for a beautiful baby weighing over 9 kg (without tools, and over 12 kg with it), consisting of two cases joined together by rigid foam and incorporating a huge mass as a handle. Will you be "worthy" (and muscular) enough to wield it?