Apple Watch 8 in "rugged" version, as expensive as the iPhone 13 Pro

The new “solid” version of the next Apple Watch 8 connected watches should have a price that matches its robustness.

The new generation of Apple Watch connected watches should be announced at the same time as the iPhone 14 in early September (see our news And the release date of the iPhone 14 is…), and would include a new “robust” model, more solid and designed for use in extreme conditions.

"rugged" Apple Watch 8, as expensive as the iPhone 13 Pro

According to Apple specialist leaker, Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, this new model should cost around $999, the same starting price as the iPhone 13 Pro, which with us is displayed at 1,159 euros. It would thus be a premium Apple Watch, knowing that the basic model is available from $429, and that the Edition model is at €929 (not to mention the Hermes versions, which are even more expensive).

Apple Watch 8 "robust", more on all floors

As a reminder, the screen of this "rugged" Apple Watch will be larger than that of the normal Apple Watch, i.e. 1.99'' (5.05 cm) instead of 1.90'' (4. 82 cm), for a resolution of 410 x 502 pixels. It would also be made of a stronger metal than aluminum, although it is not yet known exactly which one. Finally, it would have a more powerful battery and would therefore offer more autonomy.