What are we watching tonight? The choice that tears homes while waiting for the Samsung Multiview

Despite the multiplication of screens, the choice of the program that will be favored on the large television set in the living room is still a source of heated debate within families.

Samsung Electronics recently conducted a survey in the UK (among more than 2,000 people over the age of 18) about the impact of live sports programming on home dynamics.

Sports broadcasts, confusion in a majority of families

In other words, who will have the right to watch their favorite sport on the big screen when several events are scheduled live simultaneously? 52% of respondents admit that this choice has already caused problems several times between family members. 40% of respondents say they've had a fight with a friend or family member over who gets to watch their favorite sport on the main screen. 39% admit that an individual has even gone elsewhere to watch his program following such an altercation. 33% even say that this kind of debate ended in a heavy silence or a reduced conversation.

Multi-equipment, consumer response

To avoid these conflicts, 57% of respondents watch their programs simultaneously on several screens (TV, tablet, smartphone computer, etc.), so as not to miss anything. Sport on TV therefore appears to be exceptionally important in the United Kingdom since some of those polled have already missed events such as a wedding (25%), a birthday (26%), or a children's show (24%), so you don't miss their favorite show or sport.

Multiview, Samsung's answer

The results of this survey allow the Korean manufacturer to promote one of the features of its Smart TVs, the Multiview (see photo above) allowing the display of up to four different sources: HDMI, streaming , internet browser and smartphone.