Apple mixed reality headset announced in January 2023: it's becoming clearer

Apple's entry into the virtual reality/augmented reality market should give this sector a significant boost.

Apple's mixed reality headset -augmented reality (AR) + virtual reality (VR)- is still rumored, but Taiwanese Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo told us recently long as it shouldn't last.

Apple Mixed Reality Headset, Announcing Jan 2023?

He then explained that a conference would be organized in January 2023 to announce the helmet to the media, and he recently reiterated this information, adding some details on the impact that this new product should have on the market. According to him, Apple should literally change the sector of the helmet, AR, VR and mixed. The experience of mixed reality in particular is expected to drive demand for immersive multimedia entertainment.

Apple leader in mixed reality

Kuo believes that Apple will become a market leader as a company with "significant competitive advantages". Also, Apple won't need to join the metaverse standards that Meta (formerly Facebook) wants to impose. Finally, Kuo adds that this is the most complicated product that Apple has ever designed. We can't wait to see. Source: 9to5mac