Funny videos, it's good for morale

Watching videos of funny cats and people falling (without getting hurt, huh) would apparently be good for positives.

UK operator Sky Mobile recently surveyed 2,000 adults in the UK about the effect of social media on their mood.

Looking for positive and well-being in your smartphone

It shows that 31% of respondents turn to social networks for their daily dose of positivity. The most inspiring content is animal videos and memes (at 23%) and articles about gratuitous acts of kindness (at 21%). More than half (56%) use their smartphone to search for positive content, and 45% admit that this content improves their mood for the day. Connecting with family and friends also increases well-being for 29% of respondents.

The word to Vanessa King, expert in positive psychology

“What we consume online affects how we feel,” says positive psychology expert Vanessa King. Even small boosts of positivity can make a difference. They also help us to be more open to others, more flexible in our thinking, and more creative in solving problems. Source: Advanced Television