iPhone 14 Pro, not yet released but already pimped at €26,000

The Russians are hitting it again with a customized version of the iPhone 14 Pro… even though Apple hasn't even announced it yet.

Specializing in luxurious modifications of technological gadgets, the Russian company Caviar this time did not even wait for the announcement of the iPhone 14 (normally in September) and relied on the flood of rumors to launch this luxury range named… Caviar.

Black Caviar, Ice Vodka, Pink Champagne and Gold Champagne Crystal

Yes, the circle is complete with this collection of four designs inspired by the luxury food that itself inspired the name of the "pimpeuse" company. Black Caviar, Ice Vodka, Champagne Rose and Gold Champagne Crystal are the new models offered by Caviar, made with high-end materials such as textured black titanium to recall the touch of caviar, ocean waves or pearls. 'Oyster. Also note the integration of real black fish, blue fish or golden stripe leather, as well as the 8 carat gold of the Gold Champagne Crystal model.

Each version is printed in 99 copies and prices vary between €9,000 and €26,000 depending on the model. And for those who can't wait, the collection is also available for iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max.