20 million PlayStation 5 sold

Sony recently passed the symbolic milestone of 20 million PlayStation 5 consoles distributed worldwide.

In May Sony announced during the disclosure of its quarterly results that the PlayStation 5 had sold 19.3 million copies worldwide. Not far from the round figure of 20 million therefore, which was exceeded at the beginning of June, a news announced by Veronica Rogers, head of the Global Sales and Business Operations division at Sony Interactive Entertainment.

PlayStation 5, still so difficult to buy one…

In passing, Rogers has promised a multiplication of efforts on the part of the company this year to increase the production of the machine, still not easy to find due to the shortage of electronic components which continues to prevail. A shortage which therefore affects the console's sales figures, as specialist analyst Daniel Ahmad points out. He notes that it took 568 days for the PS5 to reach 20 million copies sold since its release, while the PS4 only took 471 to achieve this result. Not that the new machine is less successful, since it reached 10 million faster than its big sister. But the difficulties in finding it in stores greatly, and quite logically, affects its sales.

Now, we also have to see the good side of this situation. The day Sony finds a way to produce more consoles to satisfy all potential buyers, its sales figures will literally explode...