Apple vintage auction until June 6!

Old Mac computers, iPods and even the first iPhones are on sale on Catawiki. A boon for collectors.

On the occasion of Apple's WWDC 2022 conference (from June 6 to 10), the auction site Catawiki - specializing in collectibles - is organizing a sale of vintage Apple products.

Computers, iPods and iPhones are included, including the iMac Blue Dalmatian, a first-generation iPod, and the limited-edition 20th anniversary Apple Macintosh from 1997. Catawiki is riding the "Vintech" wave. », or vintage high-tech.

A word from Toby Wickwire, expert in collectible and high-tech toys at Catawiki

“This 'Vintech' boom may be linked to an increase in demand for these products, explains Toby Wickwire, expert in collectible and high-tech toys at Catawiki. Tech-savvy 90s youth are often drawn to cultural nostalgia for these items and a desire to own a copy of techno-history in its original form. They also have more substantial income to start this kind of collections. Subsequently, Vintech collectors turn to Catawiki for its expertise, its diversified offer and the quality of its exceptional objects. Today, the whole world is focused on Apple's product innovations. However, with this auction, we wanted to highlight the amazing history of the brand and return to iconic products.”