Xiaomi is preparing a competitor to the Samqung Galaxy Z Flip

After a "classic" foldable model, Xiaomi continues to follow in Samsung's footsteps with a flip smartphone.

According to a patent recently registered by Xiaomi with the CNIPA (Chinese National Intellectual Property Administration), the Chinese manufacturer was working on a smartphone with a foldable clamshell screen.

New Xiaomi foldable smartphone, mix of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and Google Pixel 6

Thus, after being inspired by the Galaxy Z Fold with its Mix Fold, Xiaomi would continue to take inspiration from Samsung by imitating the Galaxy Z Flip. The illustrations of the patent show the device in a folded and unfolded state, and we can see a fairly significant thickness in the latter mode. At the back, the photo module is reminiscent of the horizontal design of the Google Pixel 6, and at the front the screen has no perforation, suggesting that this smartphone could benefit from a selfie camera hidden under the screen, like on the Mix Fold.

As always, let's remember that patents do not confirm that a product is in development, but allow us to give big clues as to the directions explored internally by its manufacturer. Source: gizmochina