God of War, Horizon and… Gran Turismo TV series, confirmed

Netflix, Prime Video and maybe others will welcome new series from the biggest video games in the PlayStation universe.

Last March it was rumored that a God of War series - adapted from the eponymous PlayStation video game - was in development for Amazon Prime Video (see photo at the bottom of this news), a rumor recently confirmed by Tony Vinciquerra , CEO of Sony Pictures Entertainment during a recent Q&A session at a corporate briefing.

God of War on Amazon Prime Video and Horizon on Netflix

He also added that a series from the Horizon saga (of which Horizon Forbidden West (see photo above) is the latest episode) would arrive on Netflix. Finally, and here we don't really know what to think about it, the car simulation Gran Turismo (see photo below) will also be entitled to its TV show, even if no distribution platform has yet been announced.

Projects which therefore join other series in preparation adapted from Sony games, such as The Last of Us on HBO Max or Twisted Metal on Peacock. Source: BenjiSales