Advertisements on Netflix, “all benefits” for the streaming platform

Adding a new, cheaper ad-supported option could lead to some nice revenue growth for Netflix.

Netflix intends to launch a new cheaper package to attract more subscribers, if they agree to see their programs interspersed with advertisements.

Advertising on Netflix, +21% turnover?

Based on the results and the operation of other streaming platforms already offering advertising, the site The Information estimated that Netflix could observe a 21% increase in its annual turnover. By way of comparison, the service has grown by 10% in the USA between 2020 and 2021.

Advertisement on Netflix, target end of 2022

The accuracy of this figure, however, depends on several factors, starting with the number of advertisements that will be shown. The subscription price is also important. Knowing that the cheapest package is €8.99 per month with us, it will naturally be necessary for this new option with ads to be clearly cheaper. More details will be known by the end of the year, when Netflix plans to launch this package, probably in the US to start.