105 million “Smart” households in Europe and the USA

The number of homes equipped with connected objects continues to grow in the United States and Europe.

Connected thermostats, connected sockets, connected speakers, lighting, security cameras, smart locks… These are the most popular connected household objects, making up most “Smart” homes.

105 million Smart households in the United States and Europe in 2021

According to figures from Berg Insight, the number of Smart homes in Europe and the USA in 2021 reached 105 million (compared to 102.6 million in 2020). In detail, North America sees an installed base of 51.3 million Smart homes at the end of 2021, representing a penetration rate of 36%. Europe, for its part, has 53.7 million Smart households, but a lower penetration rate.

100 million Smart households in Europe in 2026

According to the firm's estimates, in 2026 these same households will number 74.6 million in the USA, i.e. a penetration rate which will rise to 50%. In Europe, Smart homes will reach the 100 million mark, or 42% of the total. Note that these estimates have been revised downwards compared to a similar report dating from 2021, which suggested that such figures would be reached earlier, i.e. 2024.