Google Pixel Watch abandoned in a restaurant… (images)

Unpublished images of Google's first connected watch, thanks to the (voluntary?) thoughtlessness of a brand employee.

This is not to remember the adventure that happened to Apple ages ago. Some may remember that an iPhone 4 prototype had been forgotten in a bar in 2010, several months before its official release, allowing the distribution of unpublished images by the specialized media.

Google Pixel Watch, prototype found in a restaurant

History therefore seems to be repeating itself, this time with the Pixel Watch, Google's first connected watch which should be marketed next September. A pre-production model was recently found in a restaurant, and pictures were published by the Android Central site. The non-functional device corroborates previous rumors about it, sporting a minimalist circular design, with almost non-existent borders and a wheel on the right side (see photo above). It is also reminiscent of the Apple Watch, except for the shape.

Google Pixel Watch, description

There are proprietary fasteners on the sides (see photo above), enough to attach removable wristbands that Google will be happy to sell. Also note two buttons next to the wheel, so that navigation is not done only via the touch screen. There is also a microphone and speaker, as well as a heart rate monitor on the back.

FYI, the last photo below places the Pixel Watch next to its Apple Watch and Samsung Galaxy Watch competitors.