QD OLED Samsung Display panels, 75% efficiency

Our Korean colleagues from the BusinessKorea site inform us that the production yield of QD Oled panels from Samsung Display had reached 75%, up significantly from that estimated a few months ago, between 30% and 50%. Screen manufacturer's goal of 90% performance in the near future.

It was during an internal communication that the screen manufacturer Samsung Display clarified the performance of QD Oled screens. Undoubtedly with the aim of reassuring the forces of society while a controversy is at work concerning the mastery of this new display technology.

Production of QD Oled panels, target yield of 90%!! !! As a reminder, a yield of 50% on a production line means that half of the manufactured panels go directly to the trash. With a rate of 75% only six months after the start of manufacturing of QD Oled panels (as of November 2021), Samsung Display is performing well. So much so that the firm announced its next objective, a short-term return of 90%.

On the occasion of BusinessKorea's paper, we also learned that the Samsung Display company, after Dell, Sony and Samsung Electronics , is also in talks for the supply of screens for monitors with Asus, Lenovo and HP.