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Jack Nicholson's ax in The Shining: minimum $50,000

The ax -well, one of the axes- used on the set of The Shining by Stanley Kubrick is put up for auction. Interested?

In 2019 we announced that the ax used by Jack Torrance -alias Jack Nicholson- in the movie The Shining had been sold at auction for more than 200,000 dollars.

Auction hosted by Gotta Have Rock and Roll

Be aware, however, that the accessory had little sisters, and so here is another ax from the same shoot being put up for sale, this time by the auction house Gotta Have Rock and Roll. This tool is central to memorable scenes in Stanley Kubrick's film, including Jack Torrance's freakout chasing his wife and tearing down a door to try and kill her. It's therefore no surprise that the legendary object is estimated between $60,000 and $90,000, and that it requires a minimum bid of $50,000 for interested buyers, who have until April 29 to come forward.