Augmented reality: Google buys Raxium, Micro LED specialist

After abandoning the virtual reality market, Google is putting all the chances on its side to return in force to the field of augmented reality.

According to information from… The Information, Google has signed an agreement to buy the young start-up (five years old) Raxium, which specializes in the development of Micro LEDs used in augmented reality and mixed reality devices.

Google, internal development of an augmented reality project?

This is a sign from Google to closely control the production chain for the in-house development of such a device. The company has already released its own virtual and augmented reality projects, but with limited success, to the point of withdrawing from the virtual reality sector. We imagine that Google is trying to get back in the game to take advantage of the "metaverse" trend recently launched by Meta (formerly Facebook).

As for Raxius, the company has not yet released anything on the market, but the Micro LED market is still young and should eventually become the essential display technology, dethroning Oled and Mini LED.