Streaming: unfaithful subscribers because of binge watching

Being able to watch the entire season of a series as soon as it is released affects the loyalty of subscribers to video streaming services.

According to research by Ampere Analysis, the availability of an entire season of a series on day one on a streaming service makes it easier for members not to renew their subscription. It is therefore no coincidence that relatively recent platforms such as Disney+, Paramount+, Apple TV+, Peacock and HBO Max are returning to the system of yesteryear with releases spaced one week apart for each episode.

Binge Watching and public disinterest

As a reminder, the concept of immediate availability -allowing you to consume an entire season at once (or "binge watching" in English)- was introduced by Netflix and then copied by other services such as Amazon Prime Video and Hulu. However, this practice results in 80% of viewers losing interest in the program after a month, whereas weekly outings keep viewers interested for several months.

Over to Rahul Patel from Ampere Analysis

“A weekly release facilitates the conversation around a series, explains Rahul Patel of Ampere Analysis. Between episodes, viewers have plenty of time to discuss episodes and rewatch them, which is less likely to happen if an entire season comes out at once.” Source: mediaplaynews