Xbox Series in front of PS5 for the first time in Europe

For the first time since the two next-gen consoles went on sale, the Xbox Series is selling better than the PS5 in Europe.

As mentioned in a previous publication (see our USA/Europe news, Nintendo Switch and Xbox Series in front of the PS5 in February), according to the latest GSD (Games Sales Data) report from the ISFE (Interactive Software Federation of Europe) , Xbox Series consoles outsold PlayStation 5 in Europe in February 2022. Note that the report covers 10 countries in Europe, excluding Germany and the United Kingdom.

PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series, which dominates in Europe?

However, nearly a year and a half after the sale of these machines, it is still difficult to know which dominates on the old continent. It could indeed be that these results indicate greater availability of the Xbox Series than their competitors, with both consoles still experiencing availability issues.

Nintendo Switch still European market leader

And while the two technological giants are struggling, the Nintendo Switch is still far ahead and remains the best-selling console in Europe each month since its release. Finally, it should be noted that the total console market in Europe is slowing down, with a decrease in sales of 32% in February compared to January, and 44% compared to the same period in 2021. Source: Gamesindustry