Netflix: you will have to pay to share your password

The days of enjoying a friend's Netflix account for free are about to be over.

After having tested a preventive approach last year, Netflix is about to tighten the screws on the practice of password sharing, i.e. giving free use of its Netflix account to a person who does not live under your roof.

The word to Chengyi Long, Director of Product Innovation at Netflix

“While the ability to have multiple profiles with the same account is extremely popular, it has created confusion about when and where Netflix can be shared,” said Chengyi Long, director of product innovation at Netflix. In fact, accounts are shared between several households, affecting our ability to invest in films and series for our members. »

Adding additional member to an account for pay

To counter this shortfall, Netflix is testing a new feature in Chile, Costa Rica and Peru: the possibility of adding an additional member to their account via an additional payment, between €1.90 and €2.70 depending on the region being tested. On the other hand, we do not know how families will be managed that will be split up and live in two different places, with one of the parents a few days a week in town while the children and the other adult are in the countryside, for example. A situation that has become increasingly popular since the health crisis.

Netflix will evaluate the usefulness of this new option in these three countries before applying it everywhere else in the world.