Samsung S95B, Oled Ultra HD 4K TV officially announced for May in France

Surprise, the first OLED TV series signed by the Korean manufacturer for ages, the Samsung S95B is officially unveiled. And it will be in stores from May in France, April in the United States.

As we anticipated in our latest news on QD Oled Samsung televisions (see our news Samsung QS95B, QD Oled TV/QD-Display referenced at an online retailer), these models will therefore be marketed quickly by the brand, from May in France.

Samsung S95B, OLED TV 55/65''

The official announcement fell a few hours ago, via a press release. The latter allows us to learn that the name of the Oled Samsung TV series is changing to become S95B, and no longer QS95B as it rustled at the CES show in Las Vegas 2022 last January. No sensation however in terms of the announced diagonals, 55'' (140 cm) and 65'' (165 cm) are still the only two on the program.

Samsung S95B, Oled TVs based on QD Oled technology from Samsung Display

Technically, while waiting to come back to their specifications in detail in a future publication, know that the Samsung S95B Oled TVs, based on QD Oled technology from Samsung Display (see our CES 22 news > QD OLED/QD Display (brighter and more colorful than Oled? The proof in figures bis) have the Quantum Neural 4K processor, OTS and Q-Symphony functionalities with Dolby Atmos and the Tizen operating system. Finally, the Neural Quantum chip in charge of Tone Mapping and brightness management (bright boost) is present.

TV Oled Samsung S95B, competitive rates in sight?

Finally, if no price has been announced for France, the availability of Samsung S95B Oled TVs on Amazon's US site suggests relatively competitive prices - in any case most certainly below those expected for the Sony A95K TV series (see our QD Oled/QD‑Display Sony A95K TV news US price: $3,000 for the 55'', $4,000 for the 65'') - around €2,200 and €3,000, respectively in 55'' and 65 inches.

Last remark, by studying Samsung's communication, we see that the Korean group has finally opted for the name Oled and not QD-Display or QD Oled as was the case at the CES 2022 show.