Trenbader Artlink: enclosure to paint yourself, we love it

A Bluetooth speaker equipped with a front canvas to paint yourself, ideal for budding artists and DIY addicts!

The Trenbader Artlink is a portable Bluetooth 4.0 speaker, which seems to be the most normal, equipped with an AM/FM radio and an Aux input. However, it is distinguished by its removable fabric front that you can paint according to your inspirations, making it very customizable.

It's your turn

Its vintage design, reminiscent of Marshall or Fender style guitar amplifiers, is also remarkable: rectangular case, chrome dials and even the small golden logo in the lower corner.

Rechargeable in MicroUSB for a 12-hour battery life, the Trenbader Artlink comes with an additional front canvas for a total of two customizations. Available on Amazon or on Trenbader at an indicative price of 65.50 euros.