Ten years later, she finds her iPhone in… the toilet

What a joy to find your iPhone after having lost it. Except perhaps if he spent ten years in the plumbing of toilets…

During the night of Halloween 2012 in the State of Maryland in the USA, Becki Beckmann, no doubt in a “joy…ette” lost her iPhone. After many fruitless searches, she abandons the idea of finding it and buys another one.

iPhone in the hole?

Fast forward ten years later… Becki and her husband still live in the same house and are annoyed by a thud with every flush. Keeping in mind the title of this news, you will surely guess the rest… As a good house man, Becki's husband pulls out the plunger and gets busy on the toilet. After a while is finally discovered the source of the noise: the famous iPhone, which will have spent nearly ten years in the plumbing of the toilets. The device had therefore fallen into the basin without Becki noticing.

iPhone gogue… nard

Naturally, after having spent so much time in these extreme conditions, the device (an iPhone 4 or 4S if we are to believe the photos) suffered somewhat, with in particular the rear panel separated from the rest of the smartphone, which gives him a mocking smile. However, the screen appears to be in good condition, which prompted a rather amusing reaction, taken from one of the 700 comments on Becki's Facebook page post about it: "So how can my screen break if I hardly dare to look askance at it, but you can literally f*ck on yours for years and still have it perfect? ". Source: The Sun