Kef Blade Two Meta, ultimate Hi-Fi loudspeaker with metamaterial sauce, bis

Like the exclusive Kef Blade One Hi-Fi speakers mentioned in our columns a few days ago, the Kef Blade Two take advantage of the research and development carried out on the recent Kef LS50 Meta and Kef LS50 Wireless II speakers to a technological upgrade.

In short, the Kef Blade Two speakers are smaller and shallower Blade One models (1,461 x 338 x 475, W x H x D in mm), but still based on the same technologies, allowing them to be to place more easily in an interior and to convince new potential buyers via this greater flexibility. With a unit weight of 35.5 kg for a sensitivity of 86 dB, the frequency response is from 33 Hz to 45,000 hertz.

Kef Blade Two Meta, main technical novelties

Still as magnificent with its parabolic curves to eliminate stationary waves and its front face in the shape of an airplane wing without any discontinuity which could hinder the sound reproduction, the Kef Blade Two loudspeaker is still based on the house's Single Apparent technology Source to materialize a single sound source. The bass, midrange and treble frequencies radiate from the same point for perfect sound and spatial coherence, thus unprecedented immersion.

For this, Kef engineers use their 12th generation Uni-Q loudspeaker (tweeter and coaxial midrange) boosted with MAT technology, accompanied by four 16.5 cm woofers placed back to back in pairs to cancel the kinetic forces that could color the sound at high volume. They are then placed on the sides of the enclosure equidistant from the Uni-Q driver for a perfect coincidence of the acoustic centers. Namely, each pair of woofers is paired with a separate chamber to reduce the need for damping.

Kef Blade Two Meta, zoom on Meta technology

As a reminder, the exclusive MAT process (for Metamaterial Absorption Technology) materializes in the form of a complex labyrinthine structure in relief where the channels act as an acoustic black hole absorbing 99% of the unwanted sounds radiating from the back of the top Uni-Q coaxial speaker, up from 60% previously. Thus, the distortion is virtually eliminated (THD at 0.07%) and the transparency increased. It should be noted that the MAT speaker also provides a better frequency response (+40%). Finally, it delivers perfectly and consistently smooth highs that are clear and precise at any volume.

Kef Blade Two Meta new arrivals, in bulk

Among the other technical innovations implemented on the Kef Blade Two Meta loudspeakers, we can also mention a new motorization of the midrange with ultra-low distortion, a decoupling of the voice coil from the diaphragm on the woofers allowing the use of filters Specifications delivering cleaner, silkier bass, plus an improved filter design to refine the signal path.

Available from March in eight finishes combining five cabinet colors and six speaker cone colors:

• Piano Black/Copper

• Piano Black/Grey

• Frosted Blue/Blue

• Frosted Blue/Bronze

• Charcoal Grey/Red

• Charcoal Grey/Bronze

• Racing Red/Grey

• Arctic White /Champagne

Custom finishes will be available from June 2022.

Indicative price: €26,000 per pair

Reminder of the key characteristics of the Kef Blade Two Meta loudspeaker:

• Type: 3-way loudspeaker

• Boomers: aluminum cone 16.5 cm x 4 mounted in pairs (kinetic force cancellation)

• Midrange: 12.5 cm aluminum cone

• Tweeter: 25 mm aluminum cone with MAT technology

• Load: bass-reflex

• Non-magnetic: yes

• Sensitivity: 86 dB

• Impedance: 4 ohms

• Bandwidth: 30 Hz-45 KHz

• Cabinet dimensions (W x D x H, mm): 338 x 475 x 1,461

• Unit net weight: 35.5 kg (each)