Arte in preview in the Metavers, "we test"

The Arte channel organized a concert in the social virtual world of Meta (ex-Facebook) before its deployment in Europe.

Future of digital social interactions or yet another false trend destined to disappear as quickly as it appeared, the social virtual world -or Metavers- imagined by Meta (formerly Facebook) arouses the curiosity of content providers. .

Gilles Freissinier is testing to better understand

As proof, the Arte channel broadcast an experimental concert in virtual reality at the beginning of February in Horizon Worlds, Meta's immersive virtual reality universe, which will soon be launched in Europe. “For years, we have had many questions about the narratives that these digital spaces allow, and today about the future that these new platforms promise, but it is important for us to experiment with them to better understand them, explains Gilles. Freissinier, director of digital development at Arte France. Thus, we can better understand them and think about the types of offers that could be deployed there”.

The fervor of a classical concert

"I rediscover the fervor of a classical concert", declares the musician Timothée Joly who took part in the game, performing via his 3D double in front of an audience also represented by avatars. "The Metavers brings the collective aspect that virtual reality lacked," says Gilles Freissinier. This life-size test is part of Arte's desire to constantly bring out a European point of view within digital platforms and to be as close as possible to the uses of the public. This has been the case for many years through and on the various social platforms. The ambition of the experimentation on the Metavers aims to highlight these European works and to allow creators to express themselves on these new virtual places”.