Star Wars Darth Vader coffee maker: the real Force awakening

What could be darker than the dark side of the Force? A good coffee served by Darth Vader of course!

Spotted on the Disney online store, this solitary coffee maker (one coffee at a time, 17 to 40 ml) comes with a travel mug, the kind that includes a lid and can keep your drink at temperature during a moment.

The morning whiplash

Nothing very exceptional a priori, except that the set is in the colors of the greatest Sith lord of the Star Wars saga, the famous Darth Vader. What to give a good boost in the morning with a ground coffee or capsule. The coffee maker has dimensions of 30 x 12 x 21 cm while the mug is 17 cm high and 8 in diameter. Indicative price: $64.99.