Violet Evergarden: the Japanese animated film in Prestige 4K Ultra HD box set on May 4

Japanese animated feature Violet Evergarden the Movie, directed by Taichi Ishidate, will be released in a limited-edition Prestige 4K UHD box set on May 4.

A few years after a long conflict, Violet Evergarden, a former soldier who suffers from cruel war wounds, became a public writer. The young woman excels at writing for others but struggles to express her own emotions. She nevertheless dreams of finding Gilbert, her officer during the fighting, even if he is considered missing.

Superb Prestige box with pretty goodies

Adapted from a successful light novel - Japanese novel for young adults - created in 2018, Violet Evergarden was transposed into an animated series and then with this film. The series and the film have been streaming on Netflix since mid-November 2021. Violet Evergarden the film, which won an Animation award at the Tokyo anime festival in 2021, is directed by Taichi Ishidate (Beyond the Boundary, Full Metal Panic).

Thanks to Eurozoom, Violet Evergarden will therefore also benefit from a Prestige physical release in France on May 4. The film will indeed be offered in a limited edition combo including the work in 4K UHD, a classic Blu-Ray and a DVD. All accompanied by pretty goodies like letters, photos and other stamps from the film.