“Overflowing” screen for the Galaxy S23 Ultra?

As soon as the Galaxy S22 range has been announced, there are already rumors about the 2023 vintage Samsung smartphone series.

Between the initial idea and the commercial release of a new smartphone, a long time elapses. Long enough for tongues to loosen and indiscretions to flow.

Curved display on all four edges for the Galaxy S23 in 2023?

For proof, a leak reported by the reputable IceUniverse claiming that Samsung Display has the capacity for large-scale production of curved screens on all four edges at equal size. Concretely, this means that such a screen - covering the four edges of the smartphone - could be found on the Galaxy S23 range of next year, and more particularly on the high-end model Galaxy S23 Ultra.

A screen that extends to all four edges will probably look great, and Samsung is expected to compete in ingenuity to also come up with some interesting features related to this new design.