Sennheiser HD 450SE, APT-X Bluetooth headphones with active noise reduction

Sennheiser presented its latest circumaural Bluetooth headphones a few weeks ago, a variation of the HD 450BT, the HD 450SE.

Special edition of the HD 450BT, the Sennheiser HD 450SE wireless circumaural headphones benefit from active noise reduction technology and have a dedicated button for activating voice assistants (Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant).

Smart Control application and Podcast mode

The Bluetooth 5.0 APT-X allows perfect synchronization between audio and video content, thanks in particular to the APT-X Low Latency process. With an autonomy of 30 hours, it has a fast charge in USB-C and is accompanied by a Smart Control mobile application, offering in particular an intuitive equalizer as well as a Podcast mode to improve the quality of the vocal contents.

Supplied with an audio cable to also enjoy wired audio, the Sennheiser HD-450SE is available at an indicative price of 199 euros.