Detachable screen Meta/Facebok smartwatches

A new patent reveals new details about future smartwatches from Meta (formerly Facebook). Because they could well be two….

After a rumor in June 2021 and an image leaked in November, the Facebook connected watch project (now Meta) is still being talked about with this time a recently published patent, unearthed by our Dutch colleagues from Let's Go Digital.

Smartwatch Meta with screen, round or square, removable

The document confirms the particularity of this watch already revealed previously: the dial can be removed from the strap, which can then be used as a backup camera, 1080p sensor with autofocus on the back, plus another on the front to video calls. Among the new information, we learn that two versions are possible, one with a square shape resembling the model of previous rumors, and one with a circular dial (see visual above), which can be rotated to reveal different types of cameras. .

Smartwatch Meta with virtual reality and augmented reality

The patent also mentions the integration of virtual reality and augmented reality applications as well as the presence of biometric sensors, thermometer, cardiogram and other motion detectors.