Ghibli theme park, opening in November

An ode to nature honoring the films of the famous animation studio, the Ghibli amusement park will open its doors in Japan in November 2022.

Announced in 2017 (we were already telling you about it), the amusement park dedicated to the animation studio Ghibli (Totoro, Mononoke, Spirited Away, etc.) will finally open its doors: it will be on November 1st, recently announced the studio's Twitter account.

Respect for the site and nature

Located in Nagoya in central Japan, the park's philosophy is to be close to nature. Thus, Hayao Miyazaki in person - the studio's flagship director - is very involved in the project and, for example, insisted that no trees be cut during its construction. In fact, the park was built around clearings already in place in the natural area hosting the project.

Five sections are planned, with a staggered opening. Thus, the park will open with a Totoro part, then Mononoke and Kiki/Howl's Moving Castle will follow around 2023, then two other sections, still unknown, in 2024.