Philips P5 Engine Gen6 processor: HDR10 Adaptive, Calman Ready, Ambient Intelligence, Imax Enhanced…

At its traditional European press conference at the start of the year, Philips announces the sixth generation of its formidable P5 Perfect Picture Engine processor. The latter will, among other things, be available in the new Philips OLED 807 TV series (presentation to come) for an optimized visual experience.

In addition to the names of the brand's new OLED TV series, Philips OLED 807 and Philips OLED707, the manufacturer's press conference unveils the sixth generation of the P5 chip embedded in the new Philips OLED/LCD televisions.

P5 Gen6, Ambient Intelligence inside

To put it simply, the P5 Gen6 is none other than the improved P5 Gen5. First, AI (Artificial Intelligence) processing now further integrates, via the Ambient Intelligence function, the brightness sensor for an optimized real-time display of contrast, brightness and gamma, for SDR content and HDR. The latter also allows you to select the Eye Care, Dark Detail Optimization or Color Temperature Optimization modes.

Otherwise, the 2022 AI processing, in addition to the five pillars of the image defined by the engineers of the brand (see below), there is still a sixth preliminary and dedicated to the nature of the content displayed: Landscape /Nature, Face/Carnation, Movement/Sport, Dark/Contrast… Once this first “sorting” has been carried out, the power of the P5 is implemented with the examination of five key sectors (hence the name of the chip) image quality: source quality with the Source Perfection function, sharpness of the image with the Perfect Sharpness function, accuracy of colors with the Perfect Color function, robustness of contrasts with the Perfect Contrast function and fluidity of movements with the PerfectMotion.

Namely, the Deep Learning algorithm is based on Philips' internal video database, which has been compiled by the company's engineers for almost 30 years. In the end, these different filters make it possible to adapt in real time the best possible video processing to display an image with the best possible quality. New, with automatic film detection (AI Auto Film), the P5 Gen6 offers the possibility to the user to select a particular mode among seven: Home Cinema/Dolby Vision Bright, Expert 1 and Expert 2 (formerly ISF modes) , Calman, Personal and Crystal Clear (replacing Vivid mode) with the search for a perfect balance between colors, contrasts and sharpness.

HDR10+ Adaptive

On the menu of the P5 Gen6, we find HDR10 + Adaptive compatibility. The latter is an improved version of the HDR10+ format for the best possible image whatever the ambient light conditions, dark room or with strong light sources. And even with changing light conditions, for example if the TV is located near a window. HDR10+ Adaptive mode uses data from the TV's light sensor to adapt the image to the environment. Another new feature related to Adaptive HDR10+ is the ability to use it with the Filmmaker Mode setting. sure of the game. And as in 2021, the Dolby Bright mode is in the game. As a reminder, with the latter, the Dolby Vision HDR signal benefits from the processing of the P5, particularly in terms of sharpness, noise reduction and motion compensation, unlike the Dolby Dark mode where the P5 is deactivated.

Anti Burn-In and Calman Ready

Similarly, the P5 Gen6 processor offers the anti-marking process developed specifically by Philips for OLED screens. As a reminder, this function is intended to minimize the burning problem from which Oled technology still suffers (even if this concern is better and better managed by LG Display, the supplier of Oled panels, it is still present). Thus, to detect fixed logos or inscriptions on the screen, this process cuts the image into 32,400 zones for a precise scan of the elements displayed and to reduce their light intensity.