CES 22 > Samsung Micro LED TV, $80,000 for the 89'', $100,000 for the 114''

According to our Korean colleagues from The Elec, the manufacturer Samsung is now planning to produce 89'', 101'' and 114'' Micro LED screens for the general public from May. And the prices for the 89'' and 114'' specimens are already known...

Announced for the general public, the new Samsung Micro LED screens 89'' (226 cm), 101'' (257 cm) and 114'' (290 cm) will therefore begin production from the spring of May, and not from January as suspected before (see our Samsung Micro LED TV news, production increase from January 2022).

Samsung MicroLED 89'' and 114'', $80,000 and $100,000

In addition to the new manufacturing schedule for Samsung Micro LED TVs, the online daily The Elec also specified the price of two or three models. Thus the 89'' would be displayed at $80,000 and the 114'' at $100,000, i.e. for the latter a drop of approximately 35% compared to the price of the 110'' marketed in 2021 at $155,000.

Certainly, the reduction in price is significant, but the day when Micro LED TVs will be accessible to Monsieur Toulemonde is still a long way off. As a reminder, the Omdia organization predicts that these televisions will make their real entry into the consumer market, that is to say with competitive prices compared to LCD and/Oled TVs, in 2026, not before.