What if Nintendo made a smartphone (bis)?

It's probably not tomorrow the day before that Nintendo will launch its own smartphone, but we can always dream.

Imagined by designer Lee Huang, this concept dates back to 2018 but only recently came to our attention. Sorry for the delay then, but allow us to tell you about it anyway, because you know how much we love these projects that open a window on an alternative world.

Nintendo smartphone concept

Here is a smartphone built by Nintendo, if Nintendo had it in mind to enter the mobile market, even if such an initiative today has no strategic interest for the Japanese video game giant. This is not the first time that a designer has imagined a device of this kind. This version has the particularity of great sobriety. Other than chunky circular buttons and pastel colors, not much sets it apart from the competition.

Smartphone connected to TV…

The designer specifies that the smartphone can connect to the TV a bit like the Switch, and that wireless controllers can be connected to it, a bit like the Switch too. Ideas that Lee Huang claims to have had in 2016 when he imagined this concept, before the Switch was unveiled. Here then…