Oled TV LG 2019, Fine Tune Dark Areas update to manage the VRR and Flickering bug?

A recent Firmware update introduces a new gaming feature already known to owners of 2020 and 2021 vintage LG Oled TVs to partially correct the VRR and Flickering bug which has also affected LG 2019 Oled TVs since their launch. It's better nothing but we would still prefer a permanent correction of the problem.

In short, if the VRR and Flickering bug that affects LG Oled TVs in the 2019, 2020 and 2021 range (see our LG 2019 and 2020 Oled/LED TV news: news on VRR and Flickering bugs), only the 2020/2021 models benefited from the Fine Tune Dark Areas function (via update for 2020 screens) offering fine adjustment of dark areas. With the latter, it is possible for the user, in the presence of a VRR signal (computer or Xbox) to darken the image or lighten it (in an attempt to reduce the bug).

Fine Tune Dark Areas function available on the 2019 LG Oled TV

Now, with the 05.20.07 update (see capture above), LG Oled TVs from the 2019 vintage therefore benefit from the Fine Tune Dark Areas function. This is not the only new feature available: a new option is also welcome to deactivate the "No signal" message that 2019 LG Oled TVs display when they receive no video on a selected source.

Fixed VRR/Flickernig bug not possible on Oled LG Display TV panels?

The provision of the Fine Tune Dark Areas function for LG 2019 Oled TVs probably spells the end of a definitive correction of this bug on all LG VRR Oled TVs which, in view of your messages, annoys many of you. It would indeed be, after discussions with colleagues and Korean engineers, a hardware problem inherent in OLED TV panels. And to answer the first questions from some of you about the presence of this bug on QD Oled technology (see our CES 22 news > QD OLED/QD Display: brighter and more colorful than Oled The proof in figures bis), impossible for us to answer at the time of writing these lines.

Last news, and according to one of our Korean colleagues, LG Electronics engineers are still working on solving the bug, but if the worst is never certain the hope of a solution is dwindling…