Apple Vision: AR/VR headset over $2,000 in 2023?

New details on the future augmented/virtual reality headset prepared in secret at Apple's offices…

Specialist in collecting indiscretions on Apple's projects, Mark Gurman of Bloomberg reveals new details on the brand's future augmented/virtual reality headset, which could be called Apple Vision. Other names are also mentioned such as Apple Reality or Apple Sight.

Apple Vision with 8K Ultra HD screens?

Gurman also explains that the device is likely to cost more than $2,000, partly because Apple has a habit of being more expensive than the competition, and partly because of the very advanced technology on board. Indeed, the Apple Vision should be equipped with a processor equivalent to the M1 Pro of the latest Mac computers, not to mention several Ultra HD 8K screens, and the possibility of changing the lenses according to your vision.

Finally, Gurman says the device should be announced sometime next year, which is a bit later than other rumors claim.