CES 22> Hisense LX8K 8K Ultra HD Laser TV, Specification Update, Price and Availability

Mentioned this morning in our news, the indicative price and availability of the world's first 8K Laser TV, the Hisense LX8, are known. At the same time, the brand unveiled additional information about its sound equipment.

The Hisense LX8K 8K Ultra HD Laser TV, announced at the Chinese manufacturer's press conference ahead of CES in Las Vegas 2022, is expected to be marketed in 2023.

What price for the Hisense LX8 8K Laser TV?

In addition to this precision, the brand informs us that the Hisense LX8 has a 4.1.2 audio system on board. Finally, the indicative price is also known, 15,000 € all round.