CES 22> LG C2 Oled TV: first images of the leaked LG OLED42C2, LG OLED42C2 and LG OLED42C2

After the references of the TV Oled LG 2022 appeared on the site of the National Radio Research Institute, essential sesame for all electronic devices marketed in South Korea, have been unveiled in recent hours on the site of the Korean certification office. photos of the three LG C2 models.

We immediately see that the 42 '' (107 cm, see photo at the bottom of this news) has a foot very different from the other two diagonals, 55 '' (140 cm, see photo below). below) and 65 '' (165 cm, see second photo below). This is similar to that offered by LG G1 TVs.

LG OLED42C2, LG OLED55C2 and LG £ OLED65C2, TV Oled EX panels?

Another remark following careful observation of the photos, the framing of the Oled panel which seems reduced to its simplest expression, finer in any case than on the LG CX and LG C1 series. Some observers and analysts on the net want to see it as a convincing clue of the integration of a new kind of slab? An Oled EX panel, not to name it (see our CES 22 news> New Oled EX TV panel signed LG Display, 30% more brightness?). Impossible to say for the moment, we will have to wait until the official speech of the brand (online) at the CES show in Las Vegas scheduled for January 5 to 8.

Oled LG 2022 TV range…

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