CES 22> Samsung QN800B and Samsung QN900B 8K Ultra HD Neo QLED TV confirmed

Once again thanks to the Korean National Institute for Radio Research, the Samsung 2022 TV range is unveiled a little more with two new Neo QLED Ultra HD 8K series, the Samsung QN800B and Samsung QN900B.

Many Samsung TVs in the 2022 range (like the Oled LG 2022 TVs, see our CES 22 news> LG Oled 2022 4K Ultra HD TV: LG A2, LG B2, LG C2, LG G2, LG Z2 , LG Art10 and LG Art90) appeared on the website of the National Radio Research Agency (NRRA), the Korean agency responsible for the certification of electronic products marketed in the territory of South Korea.

8K Ultra HD TV Samsung QN800B and Samsung QN900B

It is the turn of the Samsung QN800B and Samsung QN900B 8K Ultra HD TV series to be confirmed by the South Korean certification body. They complement the Samsung BU8000, Samsung Q60B, Samsung Q70B, Samsung QN80B and Samsung QN90B series.

Samsung TV range 2022, the known references

In the listing below, we summarize the Samsung 2022 TV range known at the time of this writing, after having transposed the Korean references to European models:

• Samsung BU8000: KU43BU8000 (43 '' ), KU50BU8000 (50 ''), KU55BU8000 (55 ''), KU60BU8000 (60 ''), KU65BU8000 (65 ''), KU75BU8000 (75 '') and KU85BU8000 (85 '')

• Samsung Q60B : QE43Q60B (43 ''), QE50Q60B (50 ''), QE55Q60B (55 ''), QE60Q60B (60 ''), QE65Q60B (65 ''), QE75Q60B (75 '') and QE85Q60B (85 '')

• Samsung Q70B: QE55Q70B (55 ''), QE65Q70B (65 ''), QE75Q70B (75 '') and QE85Q70B (85 '')

• Samsung QN80B: QE55QN80B (55 ''), QE65QN80B (65 ''), QE75QN80B (75 '') and QE85QN80B (85 '')

• Samsung QN90B: QE75QN90B (75 '')

• Samsung QN800B: QE65QN800B (65 ''), QE75QN800B ( 75 '') and QE85QN800B (85 '')

• Samsung QN900B: QE75QN900B (75 '') and QE85QN900B (85 '')

To this QLED and Neo QLED LCD TV range will, in all likelihood, be added the Samsung QD Oled TV series in 55 '' and 65 inches.

More details on the Samsung 2022 TV range are expected at the upcoming CES Las Vegas 2022 show to be held in the gaming capital from January 5-8. If the event is maintained… The defections of the largest manufacturers and brands are indeed more and more numerous and the great meeting of new technologies could be canceled even if the organizers reiterated their desire to open at all costs. To be continued in the coming days.