CES 22> LG presents a circular Oled armchair / TV

Small solitary pleasure that this reclining chair concept incorporating an Oled screen signed LG.

On the occasion of CES in Las Vegas 2022, LG presents this “Media Chair”. This is not a commercialized product but a concept that could one day be distributed to the public.

TV Oled / Massage chair

Made in collaboration with a Korean manufacturer of massage chairs, this circular seat incorporates a 55 '' (140 cm) Oled screen. And given the design of the set (take a look at the images to better understand), the screen will always be right in front of your eyes, regardless of the tilt of the chair.

Integrated LG Display Cinematic Sound Oled Technology

The backrest incorporates speakers, and an additional sound source comes from the screen itself, which vibrates to generate audio using LG Display's Cinematic Sound Oled technology. The TV is a curved model with a 1500R curvature (the radius of the virtual circle created by extending the curvature of the screen is therefore 1.5m), located at the ideal distance to provide "the perfect focal length for the viewer to enjoy." the optimal viewing experience ”, dixit LG Display.

Finally, note that the television can also turn to switch from Portrait mode to Landscape mode (see photo above), the control being done via a panel touch on the armrest.