In 2021, the French ask Google why chainsaws were invented

The search engine Google published the list of the most searched terms in 2021. Short summary.

While last year the PlayStation 5 was more popular than toilet paper in Internet users' queries to Google, in 2021 the French are wondering why chainsaws were invented… It is indeed the most frequent search in our country for the "Why ..." category of the most popular searches of the year on Google.

Zoom in on Google Trends

You guessed it, we have arrived at that time of year when we are looking at Google Trends, which is the most searched terms on the Google search engine, by category, and by country. For example, the overall Top 5 in France mainly includes sporting events - Euro 2021, Ligue 1 and Roland Garros - and the Covid-19. In the “Series and TV programs” category, Squid Game occupies the top of the table, followed by a local Lupine.

Check out the rest of the Statista site selection in the illustration below.