TV Oled LG 97 '' (246 cm) expected in 2022, Ultra HD 4K specimen

In October, we published a news on the planned marketing of a TV LG Oled 97 '' (246 cm) in 2022 (see our news TV Oled LG 97 '' (246 cm) planned for 2022) , following information published by our Korean colleagues The Korea Bizwire.

Today, we know more about this next Oled 97 '' TV signed LG, still following Korean colleagues, from the ITChosun site this time.

TV Oled LG 97 '', Ultra HD 4K model

In the columns of the online daily, an LG Electronics manager confirms that the future TV Oled 97 '' will indeed be part of the LG Oled 2022 TV range. Another clarification, he also announces that this very large diagonal TV will be a specimen Ultra HD 4K and not 8K as we might have imagined. The choice of this definition should undoubtedly be seen as a pricing strategy signed by LG Electronics. Making an 8K Oled TV with this screen size is expensive, very expensive, and would have little interest in competing with Samsung in the segment of very large screen sizes. Because the arrival of an Oeld 97 '' model has above all for mission to shake up Samsung, archi-leader in the market segment of TV 75 '' (191 cm) and more. This can therefore be offered at a competitive price.

TV Oled LG 97 '', Ultar HD 8K model?

At the same time, it is not forbidden to think that LG will probably offer OLED TVs of very large size (97 '' and more) with UHD 8K definition, for the sake of consistency with its corresponding TV series already in the catalog, the LG Z1 for the latest to date (see our Oled Ultra HD 8K LG Z1 TV news, price update).