TCL: TV Oled 8K 6 '' Prototype TV Micro LED 75 ”

The Chinese manufacturer TCL presented a few weeks ago its latest technological advances in terms of display technologies. And that promises for our future televisions!

On the occasion of the recent DTC 2021 conference held in mid-November in Shenzhen, China, TCL presented its latest advances in Oled and Micro LED display technologies, developed by CSOT.

As a reminder, CSOT -for China Star Optoelectronics Technology- is the subsidiary of TCL specializing in the development and production of screens, which are used not only on TCL televisions, but also within many other major brands. , for example Samsung.

Prototype TV TCL IJP Oled 8K

The manufacturer first unveiled a 65 '' (165 cm) Ultra HD 8K Oled screen using the IJP Oled inkjet manufacturing process, for Ink-Jet Printed Oled (see our Ink‑ news‑ Jet Printed Oled, mass production in 2020, quantity multiplied by 12 by 2024). This model is the result of 7 years of research and development in this field and benefits, in particular, from the investment made by TCL in the Joled company (see our Joled / CSOT partnership news for the development of Oled TV panels).

TCL Micro LED TV Prototype

TCL also presented a prototype Micro LED 75 '' (191 cm) with a luminance of 600 nits and a high contrast ratio (see photo above). Its resolution reaches 2440 x 1440 pixels, which is still quite far from the Ultra HD 4K definition, the fault of certain difficult technological challenges, for example the miniutarization of picth. Samsung would encounter the same difficulties, partly explaining why the brand has still not succeeded in producing micro LEDs of small size (see our Samsung 76 '' Micro LED TV actality, output canceled but new 114 '' TV (290 cm ) announcement).