LG joins forces with street artist Jibsar

Artist Jisbar lends his talent to LG Electronics France to showcase the brand's Oled televisions.

LG Electronics France announces a creative collaboration with pop and street artist Jisbar.

Several works in honor of LG Oled televisions emerge which are visible in the first Parisian Showroom of LG Electronics: LG Oled Gallery-222, Boulevard St Germain 75007 Paris.

The word to Jisbar

“I am very happy to have collaborated with LG on this project. My flagship work, Mona Design, has as its main element Mona Lisa, one of the greatest figures of art, diverted with several quilts on her face for a more modern and chic side, explains Jisbar. To be in line with the design and premium aspect of LG Oled Gallery televisions I chose Leonardo da Vinci's "creation of Adam" hands and three different chairs to show the constant evolution of the design. For a nod to my art, we find in particular the spray tips, one of my favorite tools in the realization of my works ”.

The word to Romain Gras, marketing and communication director at LG Electronics France

"Collaborating with the artist Jisbar was obvious to us, these works are colorful, intelligent and modern just like our range of LG Oled Gallery televisions," adds Romain Gras, marketing and communications director at LG Electronics France.