No screens for Apple Glass glasses?

Future Apple Glass augmented reality glasses could deliver images directly to the user's retina.

Filed in 2016 by Apple and recently granted by the US patent office, a patent called "Retinal Direct Projector" describes a technology worthy of science fiction films, and which could be integrated into future glasses or virtual reality headset / augmented reality (AR / VR), the already famous Apple Glass.

Apple Glass, augmented reality glasses without screens…

The technology described consists of a light ray generated by a projector, reflected by a curved mirror in front of the user's eyes, and sent into the pupil to form an image in the retina, without passing through a screen or any surface. . When implemented, this method would eliminate the screen from the Appel Glass.

Text explanation

The document explains that this technology allows better AR / VR immersion by getting rid of convergence lag issues. In other words, when a screen very close to the eyes tries to make you believe that an object is far away, the brain is not always convinced. The absence of a screen makes it easier to convince the brain and in the process eliminates eye fatigue.