Nintendo Switch 4K incompatible with original Switch games

The information comes from the "insider" Nate the Hate who officiates on YouTube via a regular podcast, the next Nintendo Switch 4K console would not be compatible with the games of the original Switch or the Switch Oled.

According to this "insider" who has to his credit several proven forecasts, the Nintendo Switch 4K console (also called Switch Pro or Switch 2) whose marketing is expected during the period of summer 2022 at the beginning of 2023, or about a year from now, would not be backward compatible with Switch games. It's too bad…

Nintendo Switch 4K, performance close to that of PS5 and Xbox Series X?

Aware of the problem, and of the frustration it would cause among the players, the Japanese manufacturer would work hard to find a solution. For the rest, Nathan The Nate declares that the management of Ultra HD 4K technology by the Switch 2 would be to the credit of DLSS technology signed nVidia. Another precision the Switch 2 would display performance close to those of the PS5 or the Xbox Series X. A surprise when we know Nintendo's habit of offering consoles with hardware equipment dated at least one generation compared to its competitors. Especially if we keep in mind that the Switch 2 would still be a hybrid console, portable and therefore living room. Indeed, it is not easy to integrate this level of power into a portable device, in particular for heating and energy consumption concerns.

Nintendo Switch 4K, games in development for a year…

Nathan the Nate also specifies in his podcast that Switch 2 development kits have already been used by some developers since last year. This could shed new light on the Switch Pro rumors that appeared regularly on the net before the official presentation of the Switch Oled.