Phoneside support, smartphone hanging on the computer

Made in France, the Phoneside support allows you to place your smartphone in a clean place, right on the edge of your work (or leisure) screen.

Designed and manufactured in France by Makagency, the Phoneside support was awarded at the Lépine international Paris 2019 competition.

The word to Medhi Maizate

It is distinguished by its clamp which allows it to be hung on the edge of a large screen (up to 21 mm thick, rounded or not). Your smartphone takes place on the side or even the top of your computer screen. Useful when you tend to lose your mobile on a cluttered desk. "I needed to work with my smartphone and my computer simultaneously, in particular to test the applications I was developing… But it was not at all practical to have the phone placed on the desk next to my work tool" .

Phoneside compatible with a wide selection of smartphones

The Phoneside accessory is compatible with most smartphones (with or without a shell) between 55 mm and 88 mm wide and up to 14 mm thick. Note that the object can be personalized with logos for companies. Available immediately. Indicative price: 30 euros.