James Cameron's Terminator 2, 3 4K Ultra HD editions for its 30th anniversary

After the replica of his arm in a previous 4K edition, this time, it's the T-800 version of the “Endo Skull” skull which features a UHD limited edition for the film's 30th anniversary.

You will have to be an ultra-fan of Terminator to get € 196.99 (indicative price, click here for pre-order) this T-800 skull measuring 28 cm high and weighing nearly 3.5 kilos. For the price, the box set, which includes an exclusive booklet, a 4K UHD, Blu-Ray and 3D BD disc, is numbered 2000 copies.

3 4K or nothing

This 30th anniversary will also be an opportunity for Studiocanal to release two other 4K editions of Terminator 2: The Last Judgment, a film by James Cameron that has not been presented for a long time: a 3-disc Steelbook (UHD, Blu-Ray and BD-3D, € 29.99 indicative price) and a “Vinyl” box set (€ 59.99, indicative price) including in addition the vinyl of the soundtrack of the film by Brad Fiedel and an exclusive lenticular visual.

Out of all these beautiful people, graphically repimped by the American artist Tracie Ching, on December 8 in France.