What about the streaming market in Japan?

Our colleagues at Advanced Television give us an overview of the SVOD market in Japan, mainly dominated by Amazon Prime Video and Japanese animation.

According to figures from Media Partners Asia, between January and August 2021, 13% of Japanese viewing time was devoted to premium streaming.

1/3 of Japanese subscribers to a SVOD service

The number of SVOD subscribers reached 44 million in August, with the majority (33%) turning to Amazon Prime Video, followed by Netflix (14%) and Hulu Japan (6%). For reference, the country's total population exceeds 125 million.

Japanese cartoons top viewings

On the content side, the Japanese cartoon catalogs of Prime Video and Netflix represented 40% of consumption in 2021 in Japan. Amazon Prime Video is the leader in the country with 26% of SVOD viewing time and over 15 million active subscribers. Local content, especially animation, accounts for 70% of consumption on Prime Video.

Korean Series Featured on Netflix

Netflix for its part represents 10% of viewing time with 6 million paying subscribers. Namely, Korean series are a big driver for the platform, they represent 25% of views. Next comes American content (15%) followed by original content (US, Japan and animated) with 10%. Source: Advanced Television