HDR Dolby Vision 4K / 120 on TV Oled / LCD LG 2020/2021

Last June, following the support of the Dolby Vision 4K / 120 HDR function on the 2021 Oled LG C1 and LG G1 TVs, we announced the Korean manufacturer's desire to extend its management to a wide selection of vintage 2020 televisions, Oled and LCD specimens. This is now the case for the first nominees.

The new Firmware offering the possibility of supporting Dolby Vision HDR up to Ultra HD 4K at 120 frames per second for Oled TV 2020 door number 04.30.10 has been available for Korean consumers since yesterday only (see photo below).

Simultaneous management of HDR Dolby Vision 4K / 120 and Freesync Premium

To be clear, and while waiting for LG France to offer this software update on its site (availability expected at the end of October), the possibility of playing Xbox Series X games in HDR Dolby Vision with the Freesync Premium setting (i.e. 120 Hz at 1080p minimum), so as not to suffer from tearing phenomenon, should be appropriate, and no longer just limited to a 60 hertz display.

What about other TV 2020 and 2019?

For vintage 2020 LCD TVs, LG says it is still investigating the possibility of deploying such Firmware in the future. Ditto for some of the Oled 2019 references, in particular the LG C9 models.