Dali Equi speakers, updated Callisto, Oberon and Rubicon indicative prices

Many of you, from our news on Dali Equi wireless active speakers, ask us for details on the prices of the various references. They're here and they're there.

As a reminder, the Dali wireless active speakers have recently been enriched with several new models to now constitute a full range based on the Callisto, Oberon (see photo below) and Rubicon series for a total of eight references. This is why the Danish manufacturer has decided to give it its own name, Equi (see our Dali Equi news: active Hi-Fi / Home Cinema wireless speakers Rubicon 8C and Oberon Vokal C).

Zoom on the prices of the Dali Equi speaker range

We list below the indicative price of each of the references, some of which have changed since our first product news. We would also like to remind you of the price of the various Sound Hubs (Compact and Classic) and BluOS Multiroom and Home Cinema expansion modules:

• Dali Oberon on-Wall C: 600 € each

• Dali Oberon Vokal C: 700 €

• Dali Oberon 1 C: 500 € (click to discover the complete test of the product by the editorial staff)

• Dali Oberon 7 C: 900 €

• Dali Callisto 2C: € 700

• Dali Callisto 2C: € 1,000

• Dali Rubicon 2C: € 2,000 per piece

• Dali Rubicon 6C: € 3,000 per piece

• Dali Rubicon 8C: € 4,000 each

• Dali Sound Hub Classic: € 600

• Dali Sound Hub Compact: € 300

• Dali HDMI Audio Module 7.1 / 5.1: € 400

• Dali BluOS NPM-2i network player / Multiroom module: € 500

• Dali BluOS NPM-1 network player / Multiroom module: € 300

• Dali WSR: € 150